Wave Spotlight: Vivek Balasubramanian

December 5, 2019
5 minutes read

Our Wave Spotlight series introduces some of the incredible, world-class talent helping to make Wave great for our customers. Want to join our team? See what positions we have open, or send in your resume along with a few thoughts on what you can add to the team.

This is Vivek. Vivek is the Director of Growth here at Wave. But what does the growth team do?We chatted with Vivek to get that answer and to get to know him a little bit better.

Can you describe your role for us?

Wave is a product-led company. As Director of Growth, I lead a metric-focused, experiments-driven function. My team is very cross-functional with key players from engineering, design and data. With my team, I identify and drive metrics that are crucial for Wave’s success.

The way we do that is through constant experimentation on under-optimized and under-monetized areas of the business. A big part of that is setting our customers up for success early on in their onboarding.

What is a typical day like at Wave for you?

Broadly, it starts and ends with hypothesizing, and challenging our conventional wisdom. Every day is different, but in general, I spend a lot of time analyzing data, learning about our customers’ needs deeply and helping my team design well-thought experiments that move key metrics.

What kind of worker are you looking for on your team?

I look for someone with a bias towards action and truly acts like an owner. Also, in the Growth-land, most experiments fail, the ones that win make a huge organizational impact. The more we fail the more we win. So someone with the grit to embrace failure and learn from it.

What is your favourite movie andTV show?

TV: Parks and Recreation

Movie: All of Alfred Hitchcock's movies

What is your favourite quote?

“What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”― Peter Thiel

Favourite vacation spot and why?

Porto, Portugal. The birthplace of port wine. Isn’t that reason enough? 🍷

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