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April 29, 2011
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What motivated Tim Ryan to build a new career-finding tool? “It was essentially frustration,” says Ryan, founder of Vestiigo. He had been on both sides of the job hunting industry: a great candidate searching through troves of online sites with no luck; and a hiring manager searching through troves of unqualified resumes.

“Nobody seemed to win: The employers wasted time and money going through hundreds of resumes and the candidates never heard back from the employers or got any inkling as to why their application wasn’t accepted!”

“There had to be a better way,” Ryan decided, “so we started to build it.”

Vestigo is an online career destination for young professionals. “We’re all about connecting our members with the best and brightest small-to-medium sized businesses across Canada.”

Vestiigo provides its candidates with resources and tools, as well as customized support services around things like job inquiries, application processes or just simple advice. “Looking for a new career is a very personal thing, and to date there’s little personalized about any of the career sites out there.”

The 5-year plan: to become the number-one career destination for young professionals in Canada, and be an invaluable source of information on great companies that people wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

Before & After

“Before Wave, I would rather count empty columns in a blank Excel sheet than do my accounting.”

How did your accounting and bookkeeping look before Wave? “I was using several different disparate systems before and it was all manual (such a pain). I couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t a simple system to auto-download transactions, review them, approve them and then have your accountant sign-off on them. This is what Wave has done for me and I’m thankful!” How does your accounting and bookkeeping process look now? “Everything is organized in real-time. To review transactions I simply sign on and click on a few boxes. I have an instant picture of what I’m spending and where. I can also easily compare month-over-month and year-over-year data to see how we’re progressing.”

Time saved: 28 hours per month. “A business owner’s time is precious and you always have to make sure you’re spending it in the right places.”

Money saved: “At least $500 a year!”

How has Wave helped your business? “I want to be actively involved in my business. I have an accountant, but there’s no peace of mind in simply handing off such a critical piece of business.” Ryan adds, “There’s a reason I didn’t become an accountant: I don’t want to spend my whole time completing journal entries and uploading financial statements.”

“Simplicity is key in business – nowhere else is it more important than accounting.”

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