3 Ways to get more done without sacrificing your free time

September 23, 2011
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This post by guest blogger Melanie Schroeder appears in our series of tips for WAHMs and mompreneurs.

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What do you think about the “women can have it all” statement? Do you believe it’s possible or just something that is bound to drive you over the edge of sanity when you try to do it?

Wherever you stand on that issue, I can tell you that you can become more effective with your time and resources. I’m going to give you some pointers on how to use 3 simple strategies in a way that will leave you (mostly) relaxed and with time to focus on other things that are important to you, like your family, friends and best of all time at the spa.

1) Systemize your email

This has to be the number-one time sucking monster out there! You can take back your sanity just by following the suggestion in this section. Pick two or three times per day to check and respond to emails. NOT first thing in the morning. Pick something like 9 a.m., 2 p.m. and then last thing of your work day. Set aside 15-30 minutes to work on your emails at those specific times.

2) Organize your time

Take a blank monthly calendar (you can get a template for Microsoft Word by searching on Google) and print it out. On your calendar, you are going to schedule the days/weeks that you do everything. Make sure you batch work together. So for example don’t write in one admin task every day. Instead pick blocks of time where you will do all your admin. The same goes for marketing. Fit everything in for the month and you never have to think about what type of activity you should be working on! I spend the first and third weeks of the month working on marketing, developing content and admin. Then the second and fourth weeks are spent coaching.

3) Set yourself a work schedule

Decide on the number of hours you want to work each week. Make sure to really think about leaving time for the other things that are important to your health and mental well-being. For example: time to eat healthy, to exercise and to spend quality time with your friends and family. Oh and just plain down time for yourself! Then decide what hours are going to be your business hours each day/week. You will find something magical happens. You start to really focus on what is important in your business, what needs to really get done and finding ways to get them all done! It forces you to start thinking more creatively. Don’t be afraid to ask people for their ideas if you are stuck on how to get everything done in the time you’ve scheduled. An objective, fresh look at a situation is always good.

Melanie Schroeder is a business coach and online business manager. She has over 20 years of business experience in the areas of accounting, creating and implementing systems, coaching, consulting, tax planning, business development and marketing. An entrepreneur from the age of 21, she has run a successful public accounting practice as well as helped many business owners manage and grow their own businesses. Her passion and mission is that everyone in the world lives the life of their dreams! What would the world be like if everyone lived their purpose and their passion?

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