Photographer of the Week: Daniel Lateulade Photography

June 7, 2011
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It took Daniel quite some time to get the hang of running his own business. Then he realized what he needed to sell: himself. And he sold it well.

“My first year in business, I was focused on selling a product, and made so little money that I could have kept track of it on my fingers. Now I realize what I’m selling is my brand — my personality, the experience of working with me.”

Like most photographers, he “eats, sleeps, and breathes photography.” His job lets him live an unconventional lifestyle with the strangest hours possible. “If you ever stopped by, you’d probably find me watching TV at 2pm and sitting down at the computer to work at midnight.”

The only drawback? This former moustache-growing contest winner had to quit entering competitions. “I had to quit when I discovered that mountain-man beards and wedding photography don’t mix.” David also listens to pretentious indie music, but as a wedding photographer, he knows every Top 40 song ever written.

The 5 year plan? He wants to travel internationally for his business with his wife, Stephanie.

Before & After

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“Before Wave, I would rather hang out at the DMV than do my accounting.”

Paint me a picture of how your accounting process looked before Wave. “It was an absolute mess. Bookkeeping isn’t rocket science, but it was such tedious work that I’d just put it off until it was an unmanageable mess.”

How does Wave help your business? “Wave helps me run my business by giving me the freedom to focus on my art and my clients, rather than curling up in the fetal position clutching random indecipherable financial spreadsheets.”

Will wave save you money? “Absolutely — it saves me hundreds in accountants fees at tax time, and allows me to focus on generating income when I’d otherwise be number crunching.”

Any tips for small business Photographers? Come up with a business plan, keep an eye on your bottom line, and for the love of all things good, keep separate business and personal accounts.

The best part of Wave? I use Wave Accounting to figure out when I’ll have enough money for the new Mini Cooper SUV, and when I’ve spent WAY too much money on Amazon.

Company Info

Daniel Lateulade Photography

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Wave is 100% free accounting software for photographers, freelancers and other small businesses.

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