5 ways we show our employees appreciation

Mar 6, 2020 | 2 minutes read | Wave news

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, we wanted to share 5 ways we show appreciation to the 250+ employees who come through Wave’s doors every day.

1) Mentorship Program

    Currently being led by Josh Siegal (aka Captain America), Wave offers a mentorship program specifically designed for skill sharing: a voluntary program that pairs up two Wavers from different professional backgrounds and allows them to build new skills in a one-on-one setting, in topics ranging from project management to software development, to leadership, and beyond.

    Since starting the program, more than 150 graduates have completed a mentorship in a variety of fields. Wavers have participated as both mentors and mentees, sharing their skills and knowledge, and fostering a stronger creative community.

    2) Women at Wave

    Our newest program, Women at Wave, facilitated by Chief Unicorn Ashira Gobrin, brings together a group of diverse women from different areas of the business to hear from amazing guest speakers to get inspired, learn and connect with each other.

    In our first session, we welcomed a special guest speaker, Justice Sharon Shore, who is the youngest Judge on the Ontario Superior Court. She shared her inspirational story and offered advice as a woman in a male-dominated profession, and how she quickly rose to success while raising 3 children and leading some major volunteer organizations.

    In our latest session, we welcomed Conscious Leadership Expert, Marnee Bruno, who led us through a practical and fun morning workshop to learn some new perspectives on this "little voice" that we all carry with us.

    3) Clubs

    We offer many optional extra-curricular activities and clubs to Wavers to build a sense of community within our walls. A few examples of these clubs include:

    Board Games Club: a place to take on a co-worker head to head in a heated game of Catan run by our superstar Employee Experience Coordinator Alex Esser

    Cocktail Club: A special event where certified Wave bartenders, Sammy and Mark whip up special themed concoctions  

    Fried Chicken Fridays Club: Organized weekly by the incredible Kat Torangeau, where the foodies of Wave order in special eats to wrap up the week

    4) Onsite Wellness Offerings

    It’s often difficult to find the time to put real effort into one’s physical and mental health. Our Senior People and Culture Managers, Chelsea and Kat ease this struggle by bringing in wellness practitioners right into our office. These practitioners include: masseuses, chiropractors, and even onsite dental hygienists! Many of our employees appreciate the ability to take an hour or two out of their workday to focus on themselves.

    5)  Education Allowance

    We believe in advancing the careers of every Waver, which is why we offer a yearly education budget to support their growth. Included in this allowance can be anything from courses and training sessions to books that may teach you new skills.

    Bonus: Food!

    You’d be hard-pressed to find an employee who doesn’t appreciate being surprised with food! We often like to show appreciation for Wavers by bringing in sweets and treats from all over the city. 

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