Wave just launched next level customer billing

June 7, 2018
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“Will Wave introduce an option for customers to set up auto-pay on the invoices? I spent a tremendous amount of time chasing up past-due invoices and it would be great if…[I could] reduce time spent on overdue payments.” —A.F.

Get ready for faster, easier, and more flexible customer billing. Wave has just launched automatic payments in regions where Payments by Wave credit card processing is supported.

Getting more customers is great, but let’s face it: The more clients you’re serving, the more paperwork you have to get done. And there’s a tipping point where that paperwork starts to cut into the time you should be spending doing work that gets you paid.

Save time with automatic payments
Schedule automatic credit card payments for your repeat customers instead of sending endless invoices or charging their cards manually. You’ll save time and your customers will love the convenience.


Saved credit card details
Your customers can choose to securely save their credit card details, so you can easily set them up for automatic payments on future invoices.


The most flexible scheduling tool available
Send invoices on any schedule—daily, weekly, monthly, however you need it.

Send invoices at the optimal time
Set your customer’s time zone so their invoices get delivered to their inbox when they’re most likely to see it, which gets you paid faster.

Create professional invoices
Create beautiful invoices using Wave’s simple workflow and easily tailor them with drag-and-drop editing and customized notes. The preview feature lets you see how it looks in real time.

Visit waveapps.com/goautomatic to learn how to make our new recurring billing features work for you.

By Kristin Knapp

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